Start-ups / August 13, 2016

User-based Entrepreneurs

Hunter students, and the NYC population as a whole are very diverse in background, and many have overcome tremendous obstacles to advance their careers. Part of the mission of the Center will be grow and transform basic technology ideas into innovative health information technology applications.  The Center would look at all ideas, concepts and submissions related to health technology. However, special preference would be given to those applicants who have a strong relationship to the health issue they’re looking to improve or solve. Many creators of innovative products or services have created them for their own personal health use case.  Personal users have ignited technological change in industries ranging from medical devices to sports equipment to juvenile products. In many cases, users, not producers, have the best insight, and their incentive is to build something that is beneficial, effective and better for their own use. As a result, they are able to create truly novel innovations. When they commercialize these innovations, we all benefit.

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